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Pastor Dan Seibert


Pastor Seibert grew up in the Lancaster and Hershey areas of eastern Pennsylvania where he attended Mountain View Bible Church and Mountain View Christian School under the leadership of Dr. Norman C. Marks. He then enrolled in Bob Jones University where he graduated with the Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Counseling. Being called of God into full-time Christian service, he then enrolled in the Bob Jones Seminary where he earned a Master of Arts degree and a Master of Divinity degree.



Pastor Seibert (Image)

Pastor Seibert has been active in Christian service since 1993. He has served on both the staff and faculty of Bob Jones University (five years of which he taught Bible). Being then called into a pastoral ministry, he moved to western Pennsylvania where he served for 9 years as a pastor and a church planter. In 2011, God called Pastor Seibert back to Greenville to pastor Northside Baptist Church.



While at BJU, Pastor Seibert met his future wife, Sharon. They were married in 1992, and they have two sons, Michael and Nathanael. Sharon graduated from BJU with the Bachelor of Science and Master of Education degrees in Elementary education. Sharon taught at Bob Jones Elementary School for 9 years, and then homeschooled her children for 8 years in Pennsylvania. She now serves in the Sunday School and music ministries of Northside Baptist Church.

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